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Sauermann’s mini pump is even more compact

BELGIUM: Sauermann has redesigned its Si-20 mini pump to make it even more compact while maintaining the peak performance of its patented piston pump technology.

Measuring 180mm long x 27mm wide x 27mm deep, the Si-20 is said to set a new record for its slim casing design, allowing it to easily fit inside any type of air conditioning unit (up to 20kW) or line set cover.

Sauermann says that the Si-20 offers best-in-class performance and sound levels and delivers unmatched reliability. 

The integrated next-gen core pump system is said to be much more compact than its predecessor but is capable of removing condensate at the rate of up to 20 litres per hour.

Compatible with all market-standard air conditioning units, the unit operates at just 19dBA, and is built to withstand any type of environment. It is also designed for easy disassembly, adapted to the recycling of its various components.

The unit is made in France at the Sauermann factory in Chevry-Cossigny in Seine-et-Marne.


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