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Schott offers automatic door opening

GERMANY: Schott, the specialist German glass manufacturer, has introduced the first automatic door opening system for refrigerated cabinets.

The Termofrost Smart Access system combines high visibility, ease of access and energy savings in a new range of refrigerated cabinet doors. With no vertical profiles, the doors are virtually invisible.

The glass doors automatically open when a shopper wants to take refrigerated food from the display case. The effect is achieved with an integrated sensor, which reacts to any movement within a defined radius of action. The active area and sensitivity is adjustable.

As the shopper’s hand approaches, the space saving doors slide silently open into the cabinet. For shelf replenishment an additional mode keeps all doors open.

The sensor-controlled automatic glass door system is designed to be used on adapted multideck cabinets in the temperature range from 4 °C to 8 °C.

Door modules, each equipped with four doors, can be adapted to the common cabinet dimensions 1250mm, 2500mm, 3750mm as well as 625mm and 1875mm.

The doors are available in single- and double-glazed versions, with anti-reflective glass available on request.

Schott AG

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