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Single fan mini-VRF from Mitsubishi

UK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched new single-fan mini-VRF air conditioning units in the company’s smallest-ever City Multi chassis.

These systems provide multi-room heating or cooling for projects under 20kW and are said to offer better efficiency, flexibility and controllability when compared to multi-split systems. With modern congested urban environments, developers face pressure on both equipment costs and space, making mini-VRF systems a highly attractive option.

The new PUMY models are said to be ideal for boutique hotels, retail and high-end, designer outlets, as well as mixed-use buildings, where the siting, noise level and the height of the outdoor unit can sometimes pose a challenge.

Developers can mix and match different indoor units from Mitsubishi Electric’s M Series, Mr Slim and City Multi VRF range.

Available in 12.5kW, 14kW and 15.5kW, up to 12 indoor units can be connected to the R410A models which are also 10% cheaper than the equivalent double-fan PUMY and offer a 27% reduction in both height and weight.

Current models are all single phase but 3-phase models will be available from May.

Mitsubishi Electric

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