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Stulz precision in small package

GERMANY: Precision cooling solutions manufacturer Stulz has added new chillers with EC compressors and an output from 20 to 100kW.

The CyberCool Indoor chiller series is said to have been specially engineered to precisely adapt to low or fluctuating heat loads.

With a maximised temperature range from 4 to 18°C at the chilled water outlet the CyberCool Indoor is described as being suitable for a broad range of applications, including data centres, in medical technology or the process industry.

Three systems are available: air-cooled with external condenser, water-cooled, or the TCO-Leader with indirect free cooling and intelligent mode switching (compressor cooling, free cooling or mixed mode). All three systems can be equipped with ON/OFF compressors or with new energy-saving EC compressors. The EC versions contain two complete, redundant refrigerant circuits and ensure high efficiency in partial load.

Boasting a small footprint, the Indoor chillers are designed to fit through all standard doorways for easy installation. The separation of indoor unit and external condenser/dry cooler as well as the general use of low noise components meet stringent noise restrictions.

The design of all CyberCool Indoor units allows easy access to all important components, such as compressors, expansion valves and pumps, from the front.


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