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SWEP medium-size SS heat exchanger

SWEDEN: SWEP has announced the addition of the B85S medium-size, high-capacity compact brazed plate heat exchanger to its existing all-stainless product range.   

As well as claiming higher efficiency, the new model is also said to have a higher thermal performance than comparable heat exchangers. It also has a smaller pressing depth as compared to previous generations for a more compact design, while still featuring large ports to cope with high capacities. 

The B85S is said to be ideal for most types of low-capacity chiller applications and high-performance heat pumps.

As with all BPHEs, the absence of gaskets or loose parts in the all-stainless heat exchangers, including the B85S, make them robust, low maintenance units. The all-stainless ranges are said to lessens the need for unit replacement due to copper corrosion and, due to its copper-free materials, requires infrequent oil changes. Furthermore, the units do not need to be disassembled for cleaning.


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