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Systemair makes it easy with Topvex

SWEDEN: Systemair has introduced a new generation of compact Topvex air handling units with integrated counterflow heat recovery. 

It is an integrated, intelligent solution where innovation, energy saving, noise reduction and sustainability are key. The standardised design offers built-in flexibility, drastically shortens lead time, and ensures fast delivery. Its key design features simplify transport and installation.

The Topvex counter flow range comes in five sizes (airflows of 350m³/h-6900m³/h) and a variety of standard configurations. Its aluminium heat exchangers are  said to be 100% tested for air tightness and all models are designed with a defrosting function. They also feature EC fans with high-strength plastic-composite wheels to ensure low sound levels and maximum efficiency.

The unit’s compact design and small footprint is said to be achieved by Topvex’s frameless casing design. All Topvex units, both top and side duct connection models, have compact dimensions to ensure easy transport and installation. Panels, doors and sections can be easily disassembled for further installation.

“We designed Topvex to be easy to work with every step of the way. It is a true compact air handling unit with low energy consumption meeting the demands of our customers. It’s simple to select, install and operate. The standardised design, with many variations, ensures fast delivery”, said Topvex commercial product manager Andreas Hyttsten.

The two biggest sizes are made as split units and designed to be easy to dismantle and reassemble on-site. The design is also said to enable easy access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of all exposed surfaces through large inspection doors.


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