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Systemair offers virucidal AHU filters

SWEDEN: Systemair has joined with Belgian filter manufacturer Deltrian to launch a range of virucidal AHU filters, said to be effective against 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

The Deltri+ filters are Eurovent certified and are described as containing advanced plasma technology capable of neutralising or destroying 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. They were tested by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

“We are delighted to say that Deltri+ can capture and inactivate viruses. Its effectivity is proven in dry and wet environments, open and closed circuits alike,” said Deltrian owner and COO Jurgen Alexius. “In addition, the filters reduce the risk of transmission and proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the air. While it does not replace other preventive measures, we consider it a hands-on contribution to support a return to a more normal life.”

Systemair insists that the filters can be employed without significantly increasing energy costs. “Despite its virucidal functions and being classified ISO16890 ePM1 90%, the filter holds a Eurovent Certified Performance A+ energy class rating, ensuring a low-pressure drop and market-leading dust holding capacity with the best possible energy efficiency,” said Lena Eklind, Systemair’s group technical director. 

Deltri+ filters are being offered by Systemair as replacement filters in standard and special sizes for existing AHUs, independent from their brand.

In addition, all newly build Systemair AHUs can be shipped with Deltri+ as an optional order item.

The filters are already available in most of Europe and many other markets worldwide.


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25th February 2024

Home heat pump install for newly-trained engineers

UK: A UK charity is proposing to give newly trained heat pump installers an air-source heat pump to install in their own home.
23rd February 2024

Hoshizaki acquires 25% stake in Fogel

PANAMA: Japanese refrigeration equipment manufacturer Hoshizaki has acquired a 25% stake in Fogel Company Inc, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment based in Republic of Panama, for US$28m.
22nd February 2024

Large capacity ULT chiller using neon refrigerant

SOUTH KOREA: Researchers claim to have developed a large capacity ultra-low temperature industrial chiller which, in tests, has achieved a 10kW cooling performance at -100℃.
21st February 2024

CCF publishes election manifesto

UK: In a new manifesto ahead of this year’s general election, the Cold Chain Federation (CCF) is calling for future government’s to take action to recognise the industry’s crucial contributions.
21st February 2024

Sanhua extends expansion valve applications

SPAIN: Sanhua’s SEC HD electric expansion valve controller is now compatible for a variety of applications with 29 commonly used refrigerants, including CO2, hydrocarbons and HFCs. 
20th February 2024

F-gas regulation published in Official Journal

EUROPE: The new F-gas regulation has now been published in the EU’s Official Journal, making it legally binding and entering into force in 20 days.