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Thermowave brings M-Frame benefits

GERMANY: Plate heat exchanger supplier Thermowave has developed a new frame design for its ThermolineVario plate heat exchangers. 

The new M-frame, which replaces current L-frame versions, optimises construction of the ThermolineVario leading to shorter delivery times, a wider range of applications and higher test pressure.

The TL0090 to TL0850 series, in gasketed and semi-welded versions, including multi-pass plate heat exchangers with connections on the movable frame plate, are now only available in the new version.

With their optimised, compact dimensions and reduced weight, the Thermowave plate heat exchangers with the new M-frame offer optimum space utilisation both in application and during transport.

For existing customers looking to expand their systems, the M-frame can be easily adapted to already commissioned Thermowave plate heat exchangers of all other frame variants by means of a variable selection of different foot heights. In addition, almost all old units can be replaced in a similar way, so that no new piping and no modification of the system connections is necessary.


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