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Toshiba Carrier to launch retrofittable THEX unit

JAPAN: Toshiba Carrier is to launch a retrofittable exposed-installation-type total heat exchange unit in Japan next month.

Three models will be launched with rated air volumes of 150, 250 and 350m3/h for small and medium-sized shops and offices.

Toshiba Carrier maintains that the total heat exchange function, that uses a fan for both air supply and exhaust, provides a ventilation system that is more energy efficient, comfortable, and sound-insulating than the ventilation system for natural air supply and exhaust fans. Tests are said to have demonstrated energy savings of 23% compared to a normal ventilation fan.

In addition to an adjustable air supply/exhaust balance, the units also enable automatic ventilation mode switching. The built-in temperature sensor detects the indoor temperature and the outside air temperature, and automatically switches between total heat ventilation and normal ventilation to reduce waste.

Automatic night purge operation is possible when linked to an air conditioning system. Discharging the heat trapped in the room at night reduces the air conditioning load the next morning. Pre-cooling and residual heat operation is also possible.

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