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Toshiba ESTIA heat pump on R32

The new ESTIA is featured in Toshiba’s heat pump showroom in Stockport

UK: Toshiba Carrier UK has rolled out the latest generation of its ESTIA air-to-water heat pumps operating on R32 refrigerant.

Four models are available in the ESTIA range, spanning capacities from 4 to 11kW, with larger capacities available soon, all with reversible operation to provide cooling as well as heating, if required.

At the heart of ESTIA is Toshiba’s twin rotary compressor, which contributes to the system’s A+++ energy efficiency rating. The pioneering compressor enables the heat pump to continue supplying hot water to the heating network even during exceptionally cold weather, delivering water at 62ºC when outdoor temperatures fall to -25ºC. At the other end of the temperature scale, ESTIA can continue producing DHW at high outdoor temperatures (43ºC).

For gas boiler replacement projects, Toshiba offers a space-saving wall-mounted hydro-module with a choice of 150l, 200l or 300l capacity external cylinders. For use in new-build projects, an all-in-one floor-standing hydro-module with an integrated 210l tank provides a super-compact solution for both heating and DHW storage.

To ensure continuity of operation at extreme low ambient air temperature during winter, ESTIA is equipped with an integrated back-up electrical heater (3, 6 or 9kW) to maintain heating and hot water production at all times.

ESTIA is said to be quick and easy to install and maintain, with hydro-modules providing front access to all key components. A new software start-up tool allows set-up parameters to be quickly programmed without laying a hand on the unit. For end users, Toshiba’s Home AC control app gives access to comfort settings while at home or, remotely. This function is compatible with Google Assistant.

Toshiba Carrier UK

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