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Toshiba extends Digital Inverter series

UK: Toshiba Air Conditioning has extended its Digital Inverter (DI) air conditioning series with the introduction of the new DI Classic range on lower GWP R32. 

Available in capacities from 2hp to 6hp, the compact DI Classic range joins the established R32-based Digital Inverter and Super Digital Inverter (SDI) series as an entry-level option. It offers an economical one-fan chassis design.

The high efficiency design has an A++ energy rating for cooling and A+ for heating.

Three types of indoor unit are available to suit most types of application. The four-way cassette can be equipped with an optional occupancy sensor and PM2.5 air filtration. The ducted unit generates available pressure up to 150Pa to cater for extended duct distances, while the high-wall unit is equipped with an ultra-pure filter to support improved indoor air quality.

Its lightweight and compact design is said to enable quick and easy positioning on site.


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