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Toshiba offers VOC-free coil protection

UK: Toshiba Air Conditioning UK claims that it can now offer a coil protection coating that does not contains VOCs.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are solvents known to be harmful to the environment and hazardous to human health and are contained in conventional condenser treatments to greater or lesser extents.

As well as being effective in protecting copper and aluminium coils, the new water-based condenser coil protection coating from Bronz-Glow is also said to improve air conditioning efficiency.

Toshiba claims to be the first UK air conditioning supplier to offer such a water-based condenser treatment option. It is available on condensers across the company’s range, covering VRF, multi-split systems and individual split air conditioning units.

Toshiba recommends its use where equipment is located in coastal regions and industrial and urban areas subject to high levels of nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur. High concentrations of these compounds can exist within three miles of the coast and high intensity urban and industrial areas.

The new coating contains a stainless steel-based pigment that forms a barrier between the surrounding air and the metal of the condenser coil. In the event of a breach, the coating can be repaired on-site to maintain protection from corrosive elements.

Bronz-Glow UK MD Frank Frayling confirmed Toshiba’s pioneering approach, having worked closely with the company on the application of the new coating.

“Consistent with the company’s forward-thinking approach, Toshiba is the first air conditioning specialist in the UK to recognise the important benefits it offers, both to customers and the environment,” he said.

Bronz-Glow-treated systems installed in locations with corrosive atmospheres are covered by Toshiba’s full warranty, according to the installer’s accreditation level and subject to Bronz-Glow UK Ltd’s maintenance and application guidelines. Untreated systems sited in such areas are not covered.

David Dunn: “We strongly recommend use of the new coating on systems installed in areas with corrosive atmospheric conditions”

Additional benefits of Bronz-Glow protection include improved equipment efficiency due to reduced pressure drop through the condenser as a result of increased air flow and lower fan power consumption. Depending on the site and application, the cost of treatment can be recovered within one year, according to Bronz-Glow.

Toshiba Air Conditioning MD David Dunn added: “We strongly recommend use of the new coating on systems installed in areas with corrosive atmospheric conditions, giving end users peace of mind, helping to further reduce running costs, extend equipment life and protect the environment.”

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