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Trane adds high performance chillers

Trane-RTWD_1BELGIUM: Trane has expanded its RTWD range of water-cooled screw chillers with a high seasonal efficiency version.

The RTWD HSE with its new Adaptive Frequency Drive (AFD) is said to provide a high performance option for comfort cooling or industrial process application.

 The AFD increases the chiller’s efficiency under reduced load conditions and is said to offer energy efficiency gains up to 20% versus fixed speed compressor chillers. Additionally, the new design can remove inrush currents, leading to reduced installation costs and higher reliability.

The RTWD chillers are equipped with Trane’s digital Tracer CH530 controller with Trane adaptive control algorithms and proprietary control strategies that respond to a variety of conditions to maintain efficient operation and significantly shorten the response time. The algorithms are said to keep the chiller running even during the most challenging conditions, when other chillers would shut down.

The new range is now available in various sizes and cooling capacities up to nearly 1,000kW.


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