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Trane introduces five new chillers

The Series E CenTraVac

The first ever chiller running on HFO1233zd(E) is one of five new chillers released by Trane in a major expansion of its European product range.

The new Series E CenTraVac water-cooled centrifugal chiller is thought to be the first to use the new 1233zd(E) refrigerant.

The Series E CenTraVac is available in capacities from 2,600kW to 14,000kW. It is said to be up to 10% more energy efficient than the next best chiller available in this tonnage, delivering industry-leading efficiencies at both part-load and full-load capacity. It allows for heat pump, heat recovery and free-cooling applications resulting in increased sustainability. Additionally, the unit offers an “ice making” feature for ice-enhanced cooling during peak demand.

Trane RTHDevo

The new CenTraVac is one of five new chillers launched by Trane with capacities ranging from 20kW to 14,000kW. Major features are advanced controls, high efficiency and low-noise.


The new RTHDevo is an integrated system that combines Trane water-cooled screw chillers with Trane’s Tracer UC800 controller technologies.

The system is offered in cooling capacities from 500kW-1500kW with heightened efficiencies thanks to its use of Trane’s falling film evaporator design.

Trane Sintesis

The Sintesis air-cooled chiller covers capacities from 300kW to 1500kW. With 11 efficiency/acoustic combinations, the Sintesis is said to be lighter and offer a greater efficiency/footprint ratio. It features a micro-channel condenser coil, flooded evaporator, EC fans and fan diffusers.

Sintesis also features the Tracer UC800 controller with TD7 interface and 7in colour touchscreen. The smart, advanced controls contribute to operational effectiveness offering data trending, clear alarm log, remote monitoring, data collection, analysis and recommendation.

Additionally, the control set-up can be easily connected to a dry cooler for free-cooling applications and, like the CenTraVac offers an “ice making” feature for ice-enhanced cooling during peak demand.

Trane Conquest

Trane’s news Conquest air-cooled scroll heat pump and chiller offering capacities from 20kW to 165kW. Unit monitoring is delivered in 15 languages through the new Trane light commercial controller with LCD display. Optional 7in colour touchscreen offers further advanced control capabilities and intuitive navigation with data trending, clear alarm log and remote monitoring.


With capacities from 500kW to 1,050kW, the Stealth is said to deliver industry-leading part-load and full-load efficiencies and the lowest published sound levels for an air-cooled chiller.

At the core of the Stealth chiller’s performance is Trane’s AdaptiSpeed technology – the integration of a direct-drive, specific-speed screw compressor, permanent-magnet motors and Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive. The chiller’s innovative compressor design delivers peak efficiency under all operating conditions, in full or part load.

Trane Stealth chiller

Quiet operation is designed into every Stealth air-cooled chiller to meet specific application needs in both newly constructed and existing buildings, especially in educational institutions and data centres.

The Tracer UC800 provides the intelligence behind the Stealth chiller and features adaptive control algorithms that respond to a variety of conditions to maintain efficient chiller plant operation.

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