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Trane moves Sintesis chiller to R454B

BELGIUM: Trane’s Sintesis Advantage CGAF air cooled chillers are now available with lower GWP R454B in capacity ranges from 150 to 670kW. 

The new units are claimed to deliver up to 5% better cooling efficiency and an equally wide operating map compared to equivalent models with R410A.

R454B is an A2L lower flammability refrigerant, a blend of R32 and R1234yf with a GWP of 466.

“Since 2014, Trane has been designing products operating with ultra-low GWP refrigerants that are responsible for the environment and good for our customers’ business without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance,” said Louis Rompre, portfolio manager at Trane in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

“By moving directly from R410A to R454B we continue to be front running in the marketplace and offer our customers the highest possible GWP reduction of all the potential replacements,” he added.

 All units with the new R454B refrigerant undergo testing in the Trane facility in Epinal, France.


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