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Trane widens heat pump options

BELGIUM: Trane has upgraded its Sintesis Advantage air-to-water heat pumps with the addition of new models optimised for part-load conditions and delivering better efficiencies.

The new Sintesis Advantage CXAF heat pumps deliver higher water temperatures at lower outdoor air temperatures than the previous models. The new models deliver up to 10% better COP and up to a 15% increase in SCOP within the same footprint and weight as the predecessors. 

In case of demand for space cooling, the new Sintesis Advantage CXAF heat pumps can be combined with an integrated heat recovery system, allowing customers to repurpose the “free heat” in low heat end-use applications like swimming pool re-heating, dehumidification post-heating, and more, while also delivering comfort cooling at the same time.

For conventional low-temperature space comfort heating applications, the CXAF heat pump is said to be able to deliver hot water up to 40ºC even at -18ºC ambient temperature. For boiler installations, the CXAF can meet that load demand at -10ºC ambient temperature or lower. 

The new units will be soon available with lower GWP refrigerant R454B.

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