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Turbocor targets data centres

DENMARK: Danfoss has expanded its oil-free Turbocor compressor portfolio to include high-capacity solutions for use in comfort cooling, high ambient environments and data centre applications.

The new TGS380 and TTS450 compressors have an expanded operating map, allowing them to be used in water-to-water heat pumps and heat-recovery applications, generating hot water up to 68°C (154°F). 

Both compressors can be used in air-cooled chiller applications operating in extreme ambient temperatures of up to 52°C, generating water temperatures up to 30°C when used in data centre applications.

The Turbocor TGS380 is optimised for use with HFO-1234ze and R515B refrigerants, while TTS450 is optimised to use R134a and R513A.

“As temperatures rise, we must design flexible solutions that work in any ambient environment and across multiple market segments,” said Danfoss Turbocor’s vice president of sales and marketing Rogerio Federici. “Customers can now create simpler, energy-efficient solutions and market the same design globally.”


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