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Unit coolers for both A2Ls and A1 HFCs

FRANCE: Lennox EMEA has announced that its standard Friga-Bohn unit coolers are now fully compatible with A2L refrigerants, such as R1234yf, R454C and R455C, in addition to A1 HFCs.

As a result, a single unit can provide for present and future requirements, reducing inventory for wholesalers and easing selection choices for installers.

While CO2 has become the preferred refrigerant in high-capacity refrigeration installations, the choice for small/medium-capacity systems is not so obvious. CO2 is still an option, but Lennox maintains that alternatives such as A2L refrigerants are very attractive as their constituent technology is similar to HFCs but offering far lower GWPs.

The A2L-compatible coolers now available from Friga-Bohn include MR and MH series ceiling units, NTA dual-discharge units, and 3C-A cubic units. Options are available to suit both positive and negative temperature conditions.

Due to the flammability of A2L refrigerants, the unit coolers have been subject to a comprehensive risk assessment, with INERIS, the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks, providing full approval and validation.

Lennox also insists that a risk analysis is also necessary for each installation to ensure safety for users and the general public. This should take into account the entire refrigeration system as well as its environment over the product life cycle. Friga-Bohn offers several newly developed tools to help simplify this process for installers.

Lennox EMEA

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