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Vaccine storage at -80ºC

GERMANY: Stuttgart-based Fischer Kälte-Klima has developed an ultra low-temperature chiller, said to be suitable for local storage of vaccines at -80°C.

The [CF] Ultra is described as a plug & play package solution consisting of an ultra low-temp liquid chiller, complete control and regulation technology, integrated hydraulic module and a special stainless steel air cooler designed for the application.

With a cooling capacity of 3.2kW at -80°C, the [CF] Ultra is said to offer the perfect performance for regional vaccine storage. It was designed in cooperation with Mecotec, a long-term Fischer partner, and a highly specialised market leader in the field of medical cryogenic temperature applications.

The [CF] Ultra device requires an external dry cooler, which can be selected on the basis of individual project requirements. Of compact design, it requires an installation area of ​​less than 1.5m2

Employing a two-stage system, it uses R449A on the pre-cooling side and R508B on the freezer side. R508B is a blend of R23 and the perfluorocarbon R116, and has a high GWP of 13,396.

A special low-temperature fluid is used as the coolant in the direction of the cooling chamber/heat exchanger, and conventional monoethylene glycol in the secondary circuit to the recooler.

The [CF] Ultra employs two semi-hermetic Bock HA compressors. It is delivered pre-programmed from the factory and only needs to be connected to the heat exchanger on site.

Fischer Kälte-Klima

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