Water/refrigerant hybrid ac

Mitsubishi Electric, HVRFMitsubishi Electric has harnessed the benefits of VRF and hydronic technologies in a new hybrid air conditioning system specifically designed for the European market.

Providing simultaneous heating and cooling in a simplified two-pipe design, the HVRF system operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection equipment. The system’s modular design will also allow phased installation.

At the heart of the new system is the HBC (hybrid branch controller) box, which is connected to the outdoor unit via traditional refrigerant piping. Between the HBC box and the indoor fan coils, the system uses water piping but is still said to offer high sensible cooling and stable room temperatures for maximum comfort.

Seen as a rival to traditional heating and cooling rather than VRF, the new HVRF system employs a combination of two-pipe technology and water to provide simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery.

Having no refrigerant in occupied spaces means HVRF is particularly suited to applications such as hotels and high end residential situations.

In addition, the system is said to offer significant reductions in installation time and lower running costs and emissions than traditional heating and cooling systems.

 Mitsubishi Electric UK

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