Compressor training at Bitzer MK facility

Marcus Levy: “a comprehensive overview and technical understanding”

UK: Compressor manufacturer Bitzer UK has hosted a three-day training programme for Airedale International staff prior to the Leeds manufacturer’s roll-out of a new chiller range.

Some 45 Airedale staff attended the sessions – a detailed technical briefing on Bitzer’s new CSVH range of compact inverter screw compressors – at Bitzer’s training facility in  Milton Keynes,

The training programme was part of Airedale’s preparations for its forthcoming roll-out of a new range of high performance, energy efficient chillers based on Bitzer’s CSVH screw compressor.

Marcus Levy, training manager and business development director at Bitzer UK, said: “The aim was to provide Airedale engineers with a comprehensive overview and technical understanding of the principles and application of the CSVH range. It provided a solid grounding in its application, installation, commissioning and service and maintenance.”

Bitzer UK opened its training centre in Milton Keynes last year. Courses cover a general introduction to compressor technology, plus detailed modules on screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, and condensing units. A key theme is UK requirements and applications.

Kevin Glass, managing director of Bitzer UK, says: “We were delighted with the response from Airedale. The aim is to provide a valuable blend of solid technical training in the principles behind the technology, plus practical help that addresses the real-world application issues that designers and engineers face every day in the course of their work.”

He added: “The UK has a reputation as a fairly advanced market, due to the sometimes unique requirements and technical approach required. At Bitzer UK we have a detailed understanding of these issues and how to deliver high efficiency, high performance solutions, and we share this knowledge and support delegates to help them to deliver for their own clients.”

The facility has capacity for up to 16 delegates at a time, enabling the Airedale training programme to run as three one-day sessions.

Other courses cover topics such as understanding and managing refrigerant glide, the regulatory framework and implications of the coming phase-down of high global warming F-gas refrigerants, and using online resources to support commissioning and servicing.

The Bitzer UK initiative is part of a wider training drive taking place within the Bitzer Group. The company recently completed its new international training centre, the Schaufler Academy, at Rottenburg-Ergenzingen in Germany in October last year.

For details, contact either Marcus Levy or Sam Buckell at [email protected]

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