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£5000 grant for fitting fridge doors

10260955_sUK: Convenience stores in Scotland can apply for grants of up to £5000 to install energy saving measures like fridge doors, LED lighting and heat recovery equipment.

The Scottish-government-funded Zero Waste Scotland has collaborated with the Scottish Grocers’ Federation to offer free, specialised support to convenience stores contemplating refurbishments or equipment upgrades through its Resource Efficient Scotland programme.

Amongst a new range of services offered by Zero Waste Scotland are free audits, interest-free loans and the Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant, which provides up to £5000 of funding for energy efficient store upgrades. The funding will cover 50% of the total value of the equipment installation,

The recipient of the grant must be a small or medium-sized enterprise with fewer than 250 employees. Eligible convenience store retailers will be registered and operating in Scotland, with a sales area under 280m².

In addition to heat recovery equipment, the technologies eligible for funding are ETL-approved fridges with double glazed doors; retrofitted double glazed doors; LED lighting with CE and RoHS-mark bulbs; lighting controls, such as motion sensors, daylight adjustment sensors and timers.

Further information from the Zero Waste Scotland website.

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