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A-Gas launches new CO2 analysis service

ECO2-newUK: A-Gas has introduced a new CO2 refrigerant analysis and testing service in a move to improve the monitoring of CO2 refrigeration system performance.

The new service follows successful tests with supermarket group Sainsbury’s, the retailer being keen to keep moisture content and other impurities within recommended levels and ensure efficiency and reliability are maintained.

“Natural refrigerants like CO2 are no different to traditional HFCs when it comes to quality,” commented A-Gas managing director John Ormerod. “Ensuring CO2 supermarket systems operate within the strict boundaries of the correct moisture specification improves efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and saves money. During conversations with Sainsbury’s refrigeration technical specialist earlier this year, Sainsbury’s requested A-Gas’ expertise to help deliver a solution that would enable the monitoring of the quality of CO2 in their refrigeration systems and thus ensure reliability is maintained.”

A-Gas has now extended this analysis service to the rest of the industry. A-Gas provide customers with a suitably-rated cylinder in which they can supply a liquid sample from the refrigeration system. This is returned to A-Gas where it is tested in their state of the art laboratory and a full quantitative assessment is made.

Commenting on the scheme, Sainsbury’s head of refrigeration John Skelton said, “This service enables Sainsbury’s to monitor that the quality of the refrigerant within our refrigeration systems is within the manufacturer’s specification ensuring the reliability and longevity of all components.”

Earlier this year, A-Gas launched eCO2, a new high specification carbon dioxide refrigerant. The refrigerant is produced sustainably from waste sugar beet, is UK-sourced, is said to have excellent thermodynamic properties and is a green alternative to commonly-used HFC R404A.

A-Gas says its eCO2, with a moisture content of just 5ppm, is the driest CO2 available in today’s market.

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