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A-Gas offers high spec CO2

A-Gas technicians carry out tests on the new refrigerant

UK: With demand for “natural” refrigerants increasing, Bristol-based A-Gas has launched a high specification carbon dioxide refrigerant. 

Known as eCO2, this gas is said to be produced sustainably from UK-sourced waste sugar beet.

“Most CO2 refrigerants are recovered from dirty industrial processes which are far from green in their methods,” explains A-Gas operations manager Rob Parker. “ECO2 is a by-product of bioethanol production from waste sugar beet – using crops not destined for sugar production. This is a first for A-Gas and the UK market, as a CO2 refrigerant produced from waste sugar beet has never been on sale before on a commercial basis.”

Like traditional refrigerant grade CO2, eCO2 has a low environmental impact with zero ODP and a GWP of 1. However, with its ultra-low moisture content, eCO2 is certified to exceed refrigeration grade specification – giving it the edge over lower grade carbon dioxide, A-Gas maintains.

ECO2 is recovered from the natural fermentation of the sugar beet crop. Bioethanol production is described as a highly integrated and sustainable local operation with the sugar beet crop sourced close to the factory.  The waste beet does not compete with other food sources and, as part of the process, raw carbon dioxide is recovered, so no new CO2 enters the atmosphere.

ECO2 is available from A-Gas wholesalers in a range of portable cylinders for standard use and manifold packs and Dewar cylinders for larger installations.

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