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Ammonia safety course in May

UK: Two of the largest UK end-user bodies are coming together to organise a seminar on the safety of ammonia refrigeration systems.

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) and the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), along with a number of industry experts, will present the Safe Management of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems seminar on May 16 at the Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham.

The organisers promise that this seminal event will provide suppliers, users, consultants and engineering contractors of ammonia refrigeration systems with key guidance and clarify their legal responsibilities.

Over the last three years, FSDF has been taking a lead role, in collaboration with the HSE and ACRIB on behalf of the refrigeration industry, in producing revised codes of practice.

The key topics of the seminar include: legislation and implications of non-compliance; HSE’s strategy and concerns; why ammonia is a good refrigerant; safe management of ammonia; and emergency arrangements.

More information here.

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