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Andrews fans cool hot commuters

Andrews fan promotionUK: As a heatwave descended on the UK, enterprising hire company Andrews Air Conditioning has been keeping London commuters cool by giving away 50,000 free fans.

Staff from the UK’s largest supplier of bespoke cooling equipment for hire were on hand at train stations across the capital giving out free personal fans to all who desired one.

In all, the company distributed in excess of 50,000 fans at various locations this summer and is contemplating doing the same at other venues in the future. 

But it was not completely altruistic; the fans were promoting the fact that Andrews can offer businesses short-term equipment hire all year round and have the capacity and resources to accommodate premises of any size or dimensions. By offering free site surveys to clients, Andrews technicians are able to recommend the most appropriate cooling system for a particular application.

“With temperatures across the UK expected to reach the high twenties during August, facilities managers should be looking to bolster the effectiveness of their air conditioning systems,” said a company statement.

A recent survey conducted by the company found that unsatisfactory office temperatures costs the economy as much as £13bn a year. A total of 2,000 everyday employees were asked how deficient conditions affected them, with nearly a quarter admitting they were either too warm or too cold at work. More than one in three suggested they take at least 10 minutes out of their day to combat the issue. Staggeringly, results showed that if an office has 100 people, an average of eight hours is lost in productivity per day due to the ineffective climate control.

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