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Award for “Mr Ductwork”

President Andy Sneyd (right) presents Jim Murray with the B&ES Outstanding Service Award following a recent meeting of the B&ES Council

UK: Jim Murray of the Ductwork Group of the Building & Engineering Services Association has become the latest recipient of a B&ES Outstanding Service Award.

In making the presentation to Mr Murray, president Andy Sneyd recalled that the B&ES Outstanding Service Award had been conceived to recognise the Association’s “unsung heroes” – those who had never sought high office, but whose contribution had nevertheless been “both valuable and sustained over many years”.

“When friends and colleagues of today’s recipient were asked to describe him, the words ‘thorough knowledge’, ‘huge expertise’ and ‘boundless enthusiasm’ were followed by ‘a ductwork man through and through’ – and even ‘Mr Ductwork’,” Mr Sneyd explained.

A long-serving member and former chairman of the Ductwork Group’s Technical Committee, Jim Murray is said to have played a pivotal role in the publication of the new edition of the sheet metal ductwork specification DW144.

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