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Be a winner with Steve Gill

Steve Gill is offering his winning knowledge to potential award entrants

UK: Steve Gill, a winner of countless air conditioning and refrigeration awards, is now offering his services to companies looking to enter awards in this sector.

With the closing dates for both the National ACR Awards and the ACR News Awards upon us, many companies have the desire to enter such competitions but have neither the confidence nor the time available to put together a potential award winning entry.

Based on his knowledge as a winner and from his time as a judge on a number of sector awards, Steve is now offering a service to critically review any entries prior to submission and provide feed-back. He will even assist in writing them for you.

“I am hoping that my experience as a judge can be of assistance to companies or individuals struggling to formulate a potential winning entry,” said Steve Gill.

“Putting together a winning entry is not too difficult but here are a number of factors that entrants need to be aware of. For instance, it is important to ensure that you conform to the category criteria and spell out how you meet that criteria.

“Show the judges you have made an effort – don’t just send in a case study or sales brochure and make sure you can substantiate any claims made in the entry.

“Above all, keep it simple. Use graphs and photos but a hundred page entry will not be read through in its entirety.

“Above all, remember you have to be in it to win it. Everyone stands a chance but a well constructed entry gets you at least half-way there.”

Steve can be contacted on 07970 786893, or [email protected]

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