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Bitzer adds lift and shift service

UK: Bitzer UK has added a series of value-added services, including lift and shift, to its specialist compressor remanufacturing arm, Green Point.

The lift and shift service is part of the new turnkey logistics support for managing compressor removal and replacement, and includes a rapid turnaround compressor exchange service, offsite preventive maintenance, and specialist onsite commissioning support.

The lift and shift service is carried out by a dedicated Green Point team, which manages all aspects of removal and replacement with as-new remanufactured exchange compressor(s). Bitzer says the team can manage all aspects of complex compressor handling operations, from restricted-access plant rooms in deep basements to the top of multi-storey buildings.

According to compressor size and location, Green Point provides all lifting equipment, ranging from standard block-and-tackle to a full-sized crane and crew for roof-top access.

Green Point promises a quick turnaround compressor exchange service, giving same-day or next-day access to like-for-like replacement compressors, fully remanufactured and tested to as-new standard.

Green Point’s preventive offsite maintenance service covers scheduled proactive replacement of hard-running compressors in critical applications, such as process cooling and food storage, to pre-empt problems or potential breakdown.

“Refrigeration systems in some applications are mission-critical, due to the high value of the products or processes involved, and it is vital to maintain continuity of cooling,” explained Green Point UK’s general manager Will Pribyl. “We now provide preventive offsite maintenance in these critical applications, to ensure hard-working compressors are kept in top condition, by replacing them after an agreed number of run-hours or when performance analysis indicates the beginnings of wear.

“Such a planned approach gives the end user total peace of mind, and can save thousands of pounds on lost production or product spoilage due to loss of cooling resulting from unexpected breakdown.”

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