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Brits demand air conditioning while working from home

UK: More than 60% of British workers want their bosses to provide air conditioning while working from home, according to a new study by Andrews Air Conditioning.

While it is known that productivity drops during hot weather, Andrews found that 44% of the 2,000 adults surveyed admitted that they struggle to stay on top of their workload when temperatures rise.

Many refused to work when the heat has been too extreme, with a temperature of 28ºC commonly cited as being too hot for general exertion. As a result, 59% think their employer should have to provide them with air conditioning at home, as working from home becomes the new normal.

A third of respondents have even put in a request with an employer – with a further one in five planning to do so. Nearly half were willing to contribute to the cost of having an air con unit to use at home – though 29% didn’t believe that was necessary.

Of the four in 10 who don’t believe employers should have to provide air con for those working from home, 69% feel it’s not the responsibility of the firms to ensure their home isn’t too warm.

And 54% simply don’t think the hot weather lasts long enough to justify such luxuries, according to the research carried out via OnePoll.

The study also found more than half have ventured back into the office for a more pleasant atmosphere when temperatures have risen.

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