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BSRIA acoustic tests are UKAS accredited

2644307_sUK: BSRIA has extended the scope of UKAS accreditation to include laboratory-based acoustic testing.

BSRIA provides acoustic testing for a range of hvac products in its thermally-controlled acoustic facility – a 210m³ reverberation chamber.

The accredited standards include BS EN ISO 3741:2010 (for determining sound power levels of noise sources in a reverberation chamber) and BS EN 12102:2013 (for determining sound power levels for air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps and dehumidifiers – with electrically-driven compressors for space heating and cooling).

Rebecca Hogg, acoustic consultant, who manages the thermal acoustic test facility, said: “The extension of our scope complements our existing UKAS accredited testing services and provides the customer with the assurance they are getting internationally recognised quality test data.”

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