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CDL offers online training

Online training 1UK: Air conditioning distributor Cool Designs has launched an online video training programme to update engineers’ skills.

There are more than 20 titles available to date, covering topics on installation, commissioning, trouble-shooting and servicing of both indoor and outdoor units, in various models across the Toshiba range.

Titles also cover how to access operational data from air conditioning systems, as an aid to performance optimisation and making energy efficiency improvements.

With the growing importance of minimising refrigerant leaks from equipment, there is also a training module giving an overview on the manufacturer’s various options. In the event of a leak, the system can be configured to isolate a specific circuit or room while enable the rest of the system to continue functioning. Pumping down the refrigerant or stopping the system, along with various alarms, are also optional.

“Air conditioning is obviously very much a hands-on subject, particularly from the engineer’s point of view,” explains Darrel Birkett, CDL’s managing director. “Video training provides an excellent way of conveying knowledge and showing people how to do things properly.

“We have invested in making the films professional, clear and impactful, so that people can benefit and remember information. The great thing about online training is that it is available 24/7, and can be accessed by engineers with a smart phone working on site, exactly when they need it.”

More titles are currently being prepared, with the aim of doubling the current number over the next few months.

Upcoming videos will include instructions on how to set up and configure Toshiba heat exchangers, commissioning, servicing and fault finding VRF systems  and a look at key air conditioning accessories, and how to install and set them up.

Online training videos can be viewed here.

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