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Christmas comes early to Grimsby Institute

Quentin Onyango with the new Daikin controller

UK: Christmas came early for the Grimsby Institute with the donation of two new pieces of kit for its Refrigeration Department.

According to a grateful Institute, the new equipment – a GEA multi-stage compressor and a Daikin VRV energy management and control system –  is going to prove instrumental in the training of the future workforce of the industry.

Recognising the GEA compressor as one of the most complex types of compressor systems used within industrial refrigeration, senior training consultant for the Grimsby Institute’s Department of Refrigeration, Quentin Onyango, said: “GEA UK have donated this for our learners to work on; to strip it to bits, to look at what the technology is behind it, and then to put it back together. It is the kind of service job they will be doing from time to time in industry.

The Grimsby Institute refrigeration team with the new GEA compressor

“This is the kind of kit they will be working with and it helps our learners to understand how it performs and works.”

The Daikin intelligent manager controller for commercial air conditioning systems provides access to all of the units within a building. “Our learners will learn how to programme and interrogate the systems and control them from the one panel,” explained Quentin Onyango.

“We would like to extend our appreciation to GEA and Daikin and thank them for helping us in the training of our future engineers,” he added.

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