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Cool Concerns extends Cubo2 CO2 training

UK: Cool Concerns is extending its CO2 refrigeration training capabilities to incorporate the latest Beijer Ref CO2 condensing units.

The Tewkesbury-based training company recently partnered with Beijer Ref company Dean & Wood to provide training for prospective installers of the Cubo2 Smart condensing unit introduced earlier this year.

Cool Concerns is extending its Cubo2 Smart training to incorporate the new LT Cubo2 Smart two-stage condensing unit. The new LT transcritical system is expected to be operational by June to complement the already operational HT system. This has already attracted over 60 trainees interested in installing the equipment in small retail and cold room installations.

The CO2 training is developed and delivered by Cool Concerns directors Jane Gartshore and Stephen Benton, two engineers with a wide and varied range of practical and theoretical experience within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. They have been providing CO2 training since 2008 and are keen to dispel concerns of working with a high pressure refrigerant. 

“Set aside the myths and misconceptions and the desire of a few to scare others with stories of high pressure and danger, the operation of transcritical R744 systems becomes more of a straight forward thing,” says Stephen Benton. “This, coupled with the desire of control and equipment manufacturers to market and sell understandable, easy to install, simple to commission, simple to operate technology, you end up with the Cubo2 Smart condensing unit with Carel controls.”

Not that he believes CO2 installations should be undertaken without training: “It is certainly the case that you must have a reasonable degree of product awareness and basic CO2 handling skills before installing your first Cubo,” he says, but adds “The last ten years has advanced controls and components for R744 to a stage where we now have an almost plug & play condensing unit.”

In addition to the one-day R744 training courses on the Cubo2 Smart, Cool Concerns also offers an R744 Introduction and Safe Handling course.

While the Cubo2 Smart course is designed for installers and maintainers of the Cubo2 Smart range of condensing units and associated equipment, it is also said to be suitable for anyone who needs to know more about small R744 transcritical systems.

The course is a mix of theory, practical, discussion sessions and “toolbox talks” with the emphasis on active participation. Numbers on the course are usually limited to eight. Trainees are provided with high quality course notes.

The course cost is £325 per person excluding VAT. The cost includes course notes, lunch and certification. Beijer Ref customers receive a discount if booked through any Dean & Wood or HRP branch.

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