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Cross to sell Yanmar GHP

UK and ROI: Yanmar, the Japanese diesel engine manufacturer, has teamed up with the Cross Group to supply a range of gas engine heat pump products in the UK & Ireland.

Established in 1912 and based in Osaka, Yanmar is a family-owned business which, in addition to advanced performance diesel engines and final equipment, its business includes marine propulsion systems, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, industrial engines and energy systems.

Group sales total more than €6bn with a global workforce of more than 18,000 employees.

The company began sales of its first gas engine air conditioners in 1987 and to date has over 260,000 GHP units installed around the world. Yanmar’s European head office, near Amsterdam, was established in 1988. It began sales of GHP products in Europe in 2013.

The Cross Group, established in 1968, provides a range of air conditioning and refrigeration services including, design, installation, service, maintenance and hire of equipment. They will supply Yanmar’s complete range of gas engine products including VRF systems, DX condensing units, chillers and refrigeration units.

Agreeing the deal (l to r): Kenichi Nakao, manager energy systems Yanmar Europe BV, Andrew Nesbitt, Cross Group MD, Peter Aarsen, Yanmar Europe BV president and Jason Keating, group technical director Cross Group

“We see a growing demand for air conditioning systems offering the option to run on low cost, clean natural gas. This alternative to mains electrical powered equipment can bring many benefits to both designers and clients,” explained Yanmar Energy Systems Department manager Kenichi Nakao.

Delighted to be working with Yanmar, Cross Group MDAndrew Nesbitt said: “They are continuously developing new ideas such as the gas engine refrigeration unit which we see as being very attractive to our clients requiring low temperature storage for food and pharmaceutical products. The GHP units will complement our other energy saving solutions and designs for air distribution, cooling and heating”.

Yanmar and Cross Group maintain that they will be supporting the launch of GHP units with a substantial investment in stock of equipment to ensure quick delivery, a comprehensive spare parts service, and a warranty scheme with service and maintenance for trouble free ownership.

Yanmar Energy Systems

Cross Group

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