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CryoHub to present energy storage results

UK: The results of a project to demonstrate how cryogenic energy storage could work with refrigerated warehouses will be revealed in a webinar in March.

The CryoHub project commenced in 2016 to investigate and extend the potential for large-scale cryogenic energy storage. In particular, it investigated how the power grid could be balanced with the cooling demand of refrigerated food warehouses, whilst at the same time recovering waste heat from systems. 

A technology demonstrator has been three years in the making and was recently installed at a Belgian site of European cold chain specialist Frigologix. The CryoHub team has been working with the installers and site owners to monitor operations and collect data for presentation.

The webinar on March 17 will provide the opportunity to find out more about the data being gathered and to hear from experts on how the CryoHub technology was developed with talks from the universities, companies and associations involved. 

Talks will explore the potential for use of renewable energies, how supply can be matched to demand for refrigerated warehousing in the EU, the development of control strategies and components such as heat exchanger, as well as advanced modelling of the design and operational results.  

There will also be a discussion with a panel of experts giving specific recommendations for policy makers and business purchasing as well as how this project’s findings could support environmental and energy policies in the future. 

The host site, Frigologix, will discuss how support for innovative technologies fits into their business strategy and discover how the demonstrator unit was constructed by Dohmeyer. 

Further information and to registration for this free event can be found here.

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