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Daikin to launch 4-pipe chiller

UK: Daikin Applied is to launch a 4-pipe air conditioning chiller offering simultaneous heating and cooling in a single package.

The new EWYD-4Z chiller, being mentioned on social media, is said to offer energy savings of up to 32% compared to traditional solutions where chillers satisfy the cooling load and boilers the heating load. Total Energy Ratio of the new chiller is said to reach 8.

Five different operating modes are said to be provided by the two separate R134a refrigerant circuits.

Boasting a capacity range from 400-1415kW, the new chiller uses Daikin inverter screw technology and inverter fans to offer offer operating temperatures with hot water up to 61ºC and chilled water down to -10ºC. 

Thanks to the inverter’s ability to modulate the rotation frequency of the compressor, the machine can compensate for any unforeseen load peaks in the design phase, delivering up to 15% capacity boost.

The field of operation is also the largest in the market, reaching 61 ° C of production of hot water and chilled water up to -10 ° C for any process applications.

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