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Dawsonrentals joins Dearman development

The Dearman engine

UK: Truck rental company Dawsonrentals is to make refrigerated vehicles using Dearman’s liquid nitrogen engine available to fleet operators.

In a deal struck with Dearman and Hubbard Products, Dawsonrentals will support early commercial demonstrations by making state-of-the-art refrigerated vehicles available to operators to use the technology, while lending extensive industry expertise.

The zero-emission technology uses the Dearman Engine, which is powered by liquid nitrogen, to deliver efficient, quiet and cost effective transport refrigeration, without any emissions of NOx or particulate matter.

The first demonstration of the technology is planned to begin with a major UK commercial operator this spring. An expanded second phase of demonstrations will then commence later in the year.

Discussing the announcement, John Fletcher, managing director of Dawsonrentals Truck & Trailer said: “There is an ever-stronger focus on the environment and the need to cut emissions and boost drive efficiencies throughout the logistics sector. We are working hard to provide customers with access to the latest technologies to help their business, while also benefiting the wider community.”

“Operators of refrigerated trucks are confronted with real-world problems as they try to manage costs while reducing their impact on the environment,” added Pat Maughan, md of Hubbard Products. “They don’t want “Tomorrow’s World” solutions, which promise much but deliver far too little. Our customers need systems, which can deliver on performance, cost and sustainability. And, the Hubbard TRU does just that, powered by Dearman’s liquid nitrogen engine and then using the same nitrogen for cryogenic refrigeration.”

Cutting-edge Dearman transport refrigeration technology will be on display on the Hubbard Products stand at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC from 26-28 April.

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