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Dean & Wood offers cylinder tracking

Track-My-Cylinders-1UK: Wholesaler Dean & Wood is offering refrigerant cylinder tracking through its new e-commerce website. has been developed to help Dean & Wood’s customers maintain accurate cylinder records, avoid late penalty rentals and lost cylinder charges, and comply with the requirements of the F-gas regulations.

The data provided by Dean & Wood is updated every 24 hours and automatically validated against refrigerant supplier Harp’s unique databases. This means that the data is auto-corrected for instances where, for example, a cylinder is returned to Harp from a third party source.

The system is configured to work seamlessly on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As well as showing users’ current cylinder holdings, the system allows the user to allocate, on a transaction basis, the cylinders to engineers, job numbers, locations etc.

To register email Harp Tracking.

Dean & Wood’s new e-commerce site has been designed following in depth customer consultations to produce what it describes as a simple and convenient way to purchase products.

It also offers a broad catalogue of easily downloadable technical PDFs, user manuals and product specifications.

To register for the e-commerce website, click here.

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