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Dearman extends technology centre

UK: The company developing the liquid-nitrogen-powdered Dearman engine is to double the size of its technology centre ahead of further trials of the technology.

The first application of the technology is a zero-emission alternative to diesel-powered transport refrigeration units. The Dearman transport refrigeration system is currently undergoing advanced road trials with Sainsbury’s, and further international trials are set to begin later this year.

The planned expansion, which will more than double the size of the Dearman Technology Centre from its current 800m² to 2,000m², will allow the company to assemble an increasing number of engines and refrigeration systems. It will also enable the company to integrate its technology onto vehicles and conduct whole system testing on site.

Dearman says the extended facility will also provide more space to develop further applications of the Dearman Engine for use in transport, logistics and the built environment.

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