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Don’t neglect risk assessments – Refcom

UK: Refcom has warned air conditioning and refrigeration companies not to neglect risk assessments and method statements following a number of recent incidents.

In a statement on its website, the certification body says that a number of recent incidents and HSE investigations have brought into sharp focus the potential for serious injury and fatal accidents.

“Sometimes our field technicians can become a bit blasé about the potential dangers when they are carrying out routine works that go without incident day after day, year after year,” it says. “Yet the dangers are always there and the risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) should always not only take into account the potential hazards, but should also be understood and respected by all personnel working on or around the plant.”

Refcom highlights the need for all companies in the RACHP sector to carry out adequate RAMS for even the most routine maintenance works, ensuring that employees and clients are all fully aware of their responsibilities and the potential hazards around the work area.

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