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Exploring the impact of extreme heat on RACHP

UK: The Institute of Refrigeration is to host a one-day seminar on the challenges posed by the increasing frequency of extreme heat events and the risks posed to RACHP equipment.

The event on November 14 in Birmingham will also acknowledge the risk that the increased demands for cooling to adapt to rising temperatures could undermine business and national objectives to reduce emissions from cooling as part of the net zero agenda.

Organised by the Institute of Refrigeration’s International Refrigeration Committee, the event will bring together key international stakeholders to share insights and experiences in addressing the complex challenges arising from more extreme temperature variations.

The focus will be on the balance between environmental objectives and the increasingly demanding cooling requirements. Speakers will identify proactive measures that the industry can undertake to plan resilience strategies for the future and offer effective, sustainable solutions for industrial, commercial and residential cooling demands.

By exploring the best practices and innovative solutions employed across the globe, the IoR says attendees will gain valuable insights into how UK designers and users will need to adapt practices.

“We recognise the urgency of addressing the implications of rising temperatures on cooling systems,” said Andy Pearson, chair of the IoR’s International Refrigeration Committee. “This event provides a unique opportunity to learn from a collection of international experts, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for the cooling industry.”

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