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F-gas proposals raise “significant” UK concerns

UK: FETA chair and BRA president Mark Hughes has expressed “significant concerns” that the EU is focusing on reducing refrigerant GWPs at the expense of energy efficiency.

Referring to the current negotiations around the revision of the F-gas regulations at the annual FETA lunch, yesterday, at The Brewery in London, Hughes said “It is fair to say that currently we have significant concerns that the EU may be focusing on legislation which, while reducing the global warming potential for refrigerants, does so at the expense of the much bigger prize of energy efficiency.”

Hughes, who is business development manager at refrigerant manufacturer Chemours, added: “There is no question that industry buys into where we need to be on net zero but there is a need to be pragmatic and ensure we do actually achieve the targets.”

While the UK is no longer required to follow the EU regulations post Brexit, it has continued to mirror the F-gas regulation and is keenly monitoring discussions across The Channel.

The UK’s own Committee on Climate Change has called for the UK to match or exceed any future European F-gas revisions, but DEFRA’s assessment report, published at the end of last year, admitted that Great Britain might struggle to match the EU phase down proposal. 

“I am therefore pleased to report that the UK government is taking an approach where it seemingly wants to fully understand the impacts of potential proposals before acting,” Hughes said at the lunch, which was attended by a number of DEFRA officials.

“It is noticeable how willing officials are to consult with industry over changes to legislation and I would hope that a fuller understanding of feedback and initiatives from our industry will lead to better regulation and action to meet our net zero ambitions.”

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