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Factories shut but product and service still available

UK: The UK’s East Anglian enclave of refrigerated foodservice equipment manufacturers Williams, Foster, Gamko and Precision have all announced the curtailment of manufacturing operation during the coronavirus crisis.

Kings-Lynn-based Williams Refrigeration has announced the closure of production until April 14.

The company reports good levels of finished stock and spare parts to support key industries such as supermarkets, general health sector, etc. Normal deliveries are also being carried wherever possible to support these defined sectors.

Its main offices remain open to provide customer support, service and spares advice.

Williams’ near neighbour Foster Refrigerator has paused production until April 17. In the meantime, with stock in place, it will be maintaining continuity of business for both its Foster and Gamko business brands in terms of product supply, distribution, technical service and commercial assistance.

Thetford-based Precision Refrigeration announced the closure of its factory on Monday of this week. 

“We are still able to accept orders and make shipments, but our manufacturing capability will be severely reduced until such times as it is safe to fully re-open the factory. We have healthy stocks of finished products, so we are in a good position to meet any demand you have during these difficult times,” the company said in a statement to customers.

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