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FETA celebrates 30 years

The BreweryUK: A large number of former presidents and staff were amongst over 600 guests at yesterday’s record-breaking FETA lunch.

The annual lunch at The Brewery in Chiswell Street, London, marked the 30th anniversary of the formation of the organisation which acts as the parent organisation of a number of key associations including HEVAC and the British Refrigeration Association.

Amongst the guests were a host of well-known names from the past including former director general Ron Baker, ex commercial manager Bob Wilkinson, former secretary Christine Ayers as well as Tony Bendell, and the ex head of RUAG Roger Bradley.

The event was also the last to be attended, in an official capacity, by Cedric Sloan who is to retire from the association later this year after 16 years as director general.

In his role as current president of HEVAC and chairman of the FETA board, Mike Nankivell traced the origins of current groups within FETA back to the 1940s and the more informal federation between HEVAC and the BRA.

In a day of “formers”, past England Rugby Union player Martin Bayfield, now a presenter on Crimewatch, returned as guest speaker, to keep the guests amused with a string of hilarious anecdotes.

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