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Flakt Woods signs supply deal

Yan Evans (far right) of Fläkt Woods UK seals the new agreement with Veltem’s Russell Scales

UK: Fläkt Woods has signed a deal with Essex -based Veltem for the supply of air diffusion products on projects in England and Wales.

Russell Scales, Veltem’s commercial director said “This partnership allows a greater understanding of what Fläkt Woods has to offer in the realms of air diffusion, and working with Fläkt Woods allows us to create specifications and secure business for their product range on building services projects in England and Wales.”

Yan Evans vice president of Fläkt Woods UK observed “By working together it will allow the products to have a greater visibility in the UK market, and with Veltem’s expertise spanning over 30 years, it allows Fläkt Woods products to be specified and promoted at the highest level.”

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