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Foster/Gamko offer free next day delivery

UK: Foster Refrigerator has announced a free next day delivery service across its most popular Foster and Gamko products.

The company says it is aware that for any foodservice operation to wait days or weeks for their replacement refrigeration can be debilitating. Having products delivered the very next day, free, when ordered before 12:30pm, can save restaurants and bars from wasted produce and a potential drop in custom.

Ewen Cairns, UK sales manager for Foster and Gamko said, “Whether your refrigeration was on its last legs or suffered an unexpected breakdown, we know how important it is to receive your replacement product as soon as possible. In terms of chilled drinks, we all know that an unintended warm beverage, or long waiting times at a bar due to limited stock, can put people off returning.”

“After speaking to foodservice professionals about their pain points, we knew our SOS service would help rectify the issues they were facing with delivery times in the industry,” said Nick Bamber, European head of marketing for Foster and Gamko.

The SOS free 24-hour delivery is available across the companies’ most popular ranges, including EcoPro G2, XTRA, Slimline and Maxiglass.

To find out more about Foster and Gamko’s delivery options, visit  and

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