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Free refrigerant scales calibration check

UK: Refrigeration wholesaler FSW has been approved by F-gas certification body Refcom to provide calibration checks on digital refrigerant scales.

Engineers can now take their digital scales to any of FSW’s 24 branches nationwide for a free-of-charge calibration check to ensure the scales meet with Refcom’s audit requirements.

As a Refcom Approved Digital Scales Calibration Check Centre, FSW will check to confirm if they are within the tolerances set out by Refcom and will issue a copy of the calibration check certificate via email.

The service is free and open to any company, even if they don’t have an account with FSW.

Normally the contractors are expected to buy their own set of calibrated weights so they can carry out their own digital scales self certification as per Refcom’s audit requirements.

FSW says it will endeavour to calibration check scales whilst you wait without appointment, but warns that this may not always be possible during busy times.

If requested, FSW can send some machines for re-calibration if they fail the test, but checks need to be made with the calibration company to ensure calibration of any particular model can be undertaken. The price for this service is quoted individually, but typical re-calibration cost is around £75.00+VAT including carriage both ways. The price of new scales start from £140.00+VAT

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