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Fridge contractor adds manufacturing arm

Phil Holzer outside the new Atmosphere Cooling/Ark Manufacturing
Md Phil Holzer outside the new Ark Manufacturing premises

UK: A leading contractor is celebrating the official launch of a new manufacturing division offering refrigeration units.

Ark Manufacturing is the new sub-division of long-established refrigeration maintenance company Atmosphere Cooling based at the company’s new premises in Kettering.

The company will offer a range of condensing units with semi-hermetic compressors and light industrial and heavy commercial packs with semi-hermetic and screw compressors.

Stand-out products developed so far include multi compressor packs and Ark condensing unitsystems designed for ATEX and marine environments, such as oil rigs. The packs are specially adapted to suit their unique surroundings and have been successfully used in the Gulf of Mexico and Malta.

The company has been manufacturing the new AR and LC Ranges for several months but have waited until now to officially launch the range.  Manufacturing a range of high quality, fully dressed units has been a long term vision of MD Phil Holzer, but was only possible after they moved to larger premises in Kettering in the winter of 2012.

“For many years we have specified and installed other manufacturers’ products” comments md Phil Holzer. “However we felt there was a need for UK manufactured units aimed at the light industrial market place, providing our customers with a truly flexible, quality product, with engineering designed to improve on our own experience of using competitors products” he adds.

“Feedback has been very positive, with customers citing our build quality, technical back up, and flexibility as reasons for using us. Due to this success, we’re already developing further units for testing in 2014, and are looking to take on another build engineer this summer.”

Parent company Atmosphere Cooling was founded in 2006 by Phil Holzer and specialises in all aspects of refrigeration; from the installation of new equipment through to maintenance of new and existing units.

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