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Half tablet is 100% effective

UK: Gel-clear claims its newly developed condensate drain Half Tablet has brought a 100% reduction in water leak call outs for a major supermarket.

Over a six-month period following the application of a Gel-clear tablet, the unnamed supermarket is said to have seen its call outs for water leaks on the sales floor drop to zero. In the previous six months it had recorded 20 call outs.

“We are very pleased with the latest data, we have always relied on results to sell our product and we couldn’t present a better result than this really,” said Gel-clear director Paurick Gaughan.

Our new half tablet was developed for customers cleaning their cases every six months, obviously, selling a one year tablet that coats the drains, a clean six months later risks cleaning the coating off, installing the one year tablet in two halves, this better suits the retailers operations, and maintains the full one year’s protection.”

The trial was carried out on a live supermarket, installing one tablet in each multi deck HT display chiller. Before installation, the case was deep cleaned and the drains were checked to be flowing freely.

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